The Philippine Science High School System is a Service Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) whose mandate is to offer on a free scholarship basis for a secondary course with special emphasis on subjects pertaining to the Sciences with the end view of preparing its students for a Science career.  This is according to Section 2 of Republic Act 3661 that established the first Philippine Science High School campus in 1964.

For the past 45 years, the PSHSS continues to pursue its vision that the Philippine Science High School Scholar, nurtured by competent faculty and staff, has a scientific mind and a passion for excellence, is dedicated to the service of the country and is committed to the pursuit of truth.  Under the competent guardianship of school faculty and administrators, the PSHS Scholar has proven to be a beacon of excellence, courage, and hope for the country.  Numerous scholars have brought honor to the Philippines through their exemplary achievements in various international competitions and research circles.  Furthermore, the commendable dedication of scholars in government and public service highlights their generous contribution to our beloved country.

PSHS Scholars will receive an education that is humanistic in spirit, global in perspective, and patriotic in orientation.  When they graduate, the scholars are expected to pursue degrees in Science and Technology at various colleges and universities both here and abroad.  It is hoped that with seeds of zeal for the truth, the PSHS alumni will continue to contribute to the betterment of Philippine society through their engagement in research and development work and leadership in Science and Technology endeavors.

Under the keen guidance of its Board of Trustees and effective leadership of the Executive Director, the PSHSS looks into the future with much hope and optimism for the best.

The creation of the PSHS Eastern Visayas Campus was signed into law on 10 April 1992 through Republic Act 7373 known as ‘An Act Establishing The Eastern Visayas Science High School’. 

By virtue of Republic Act 8057, the school was officially renamed as a campus of the PSHS System. The school officially started its operations on 4 July 1994. 

In 1997, Republic Act 8496 known as An Act To Establish The Philippine Science High School System and Providing Funds Therefore unified all existing PSHS campuses into a single system of governance and management.

As part of the PSHS System mission, the Eastern Visayas Campus provides scholarships to students with high aptitude in both science and mathematics, “helping the country reach a critical mass of professionals in science and technology”. Its students come from various parts of Eastern Visayas. The students hailing from the provinces of Biliran. Eastern Samar, Leyte, Northern Samar, Samar, and Southern Leyte ensure a highly diversified culture on-campus.