CIM Coverpage

CIM 1.0 Introduction and Authorization

CIM 2.0 Table of Contents

CIM 3.1 School Offering, Class Schedule, and Faculty Loading

CIM 3.2 Identification and Preparation of Resources for Teaching

CIM 3.3 Handling of Classes in Case of Teacher's Absence

CIM 4.1 Curriculum Review and Feedback

CIM 4.2 Course Preparation and Implementation

CIM 4.3 Classroom Management

CIM 4.4 Laboratory Management

CIM 4.5 Student Assessment

CIM 4.6 Grading System

CIM 4.7 Awards, Promotion, Probation and Dismissal of Students

CIM 4.8 Feedback Mechanism

CIM 5.0 Monitoring and Evaluation of Teachers

CIM 6.0 Graduation of Students

CIM 7.0 Students' Attendance

CIM 8.0 Policy on the Settlement of Contractual Obligations of PSHS Scholars in case of Termination or Withdrawal

CIM Forms

Masterlist of Forms -CID as of 11092020

PSHS-00-F-CID-01-Ver02-Rev0-Assessment for Instructional Materials

PSHS-00-F-CID-02-Ver02-Rev0-Class Activity Assessment Form

PSHS-00-F-CID-04-Ver02-Rev1 Curriculum Map

PSHS-00-F-CID-05-Ver02-Rev1-Laboratory Reservation Form

PSHS-00-F-CID-08-Ver02-Rev1 Preventive Maintenance Schedule

PSHS-00-F-CID-09-Ver02-Rev1 Calibration Schedule for Laboratory Equipment

PSHS-00-F-CID-10-Ver02-Rev0 Laboratory Equipment Service Repair Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-CID-11-Ver02-Rev1 Correction of Grades

PSHS-00-F-CID-12-Ver02-Rev0 Academic Performance Form

PSHS-00-F-CID-13-Ver02-Rev0 Letter to Parent with Reply Slip

PSHS-00-F-CID-14-Ver02-Rev2 Appointment Form

PSHS-00-F-CID-15-Ver02-Rev1 Academic and Behavioral Conference (Call slip)

PSHS-00-F-CID-16-Ver02-Rev0 Anecdotal Report

PSHS-00-F-CID-17-Ver02-Rev0 Teaching Performance Evaluation by student

PSHS-00-F-CID-18-Ver02-Rev0 Teaching Performance Evaluation by Superior

PSHS-00-F-CID-19-Ver02-Rev1 Reagent Request Form

PSHS-00-F-CID-20-Ver02-Rev1 Laboratory Request and Equipment Accountability Form

PSHS-00-F-CID-22-Ver02-Rev1 Attendance during activities sheet

PSHS-00-F-CID-23 record on attendance & punctuality

PSHS-00-F-CID-24-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Class Admission Slip

PSHS-00-F-CID-25-Ver02-Rev0 Character Rating Form

PSHS-00-F-CID-26-Ver02-Rev0 Report Card


QM Cover page

QM 1.0 Introduction and Authorization

QM 2.0 Table of Contents

QM 3.1 Brief History of PSHSS

QM 3.2 Terms and Definitions

QM 3.3 PSHSS Service Process

QM 3.4 PSHSS Organizational Chart

QM 4.0 Context of the Organization

QM 5.0 Leadership

QM 6.0 Planning

QM 7.0 Support

QM 8.0 Operation

QM 9.0 Performance Evaluation

QM 10.0 Improvement

QM 11.0 Quality Plan

QM 12.0 Cross Reference Matrix

QM 13.1 Control of Documented Information

QM 13.2 Internal Quality Audit

QM 13.3 Control of Nonconforming Product-Service

QM 13.4 Corrective Action

QM 13.5 Change Management

QM Forms

PSHS-00-F-QMS-01-Ver02-Rev0 Document Change Request Form

PSHS-00-F-QMS-02-Ver02-Rev0 Document Change Request Register

PSHS-00-F-QMS-03-Ver02-Rev0 Document Control Log

PSHS-00-F-QMS-04-Ver02-Rev0 Internal Audit Schedule

PSHS-00-F-QMS-05-Ver02-Rev0 IQA IQA Auditor Performance Evaluation

PSHS-00-F-QMS-06-Ver02-Rev0 Corrective Action Form

PSHS-00-F-QMS-07-Ver02-Rev0 Opportunities for Improvement Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-QMS-08-Ver02-Rev0 Corrective Action Request Status Log

PSHS-00-F-QMS-09-Ver02-Rev1 Opportunities for Improvement Status Log

PSHS-00-F-QMS-11-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Needs and Requirements

PSHS-00-F-QMS-12-Ver02-Rev0-020120 SWOT

PSHS-00-F-QMS-13-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Communication Plan

PSHS-00-F-QMS-14-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Inventory of Data

PSHS-00-F-QMS-15-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Risk Assessment

PSHS-00-F-QMS-16-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Risk Treatment Plan.pdf

PSHS-00-F-QMS-17-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Opportunity Assessment

PSHS-00-F-QMS-18-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Opportunity Plan.pdf

PSHS-00-F-QMS-19-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Filing Chart

PSHS-00-F-QMS-20-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Masterlist of Forms

PSHS-00-F-QMS-21-Ver02-Rev0-020120 List of References

PSHS-00-F-QMS-22-Ver02-Rev0 Document Approval and Distribution Matrix

PSHS-00-F-QMS-23-Ver02-Rev0 Client Satisfaction Survey (external clients)

PSHS-00-F-QMS-24-Ver02-Rev0 Client Satisfaction Survey (internal clients)


SAM Cover Page

SAM 1.0 Introduction and Authorization

SAM 2.0 Table of Contents

SAM 3.1 Approval of Activity Proposal

SAM 3.2 Student Selection Process

SAM 3.3 Post Activity Processes

SAM 4.0 In-Campus Activity

SAM 5.0 Off-Campus Activity

SAM 6.0 Student Organizations and ALA

SAM 7.1 Homeroom Guidance Program Implementation

SAM 7.2 SCALE Program

SAM 7.3 Science Immersion Program

SAM Forms

Masterlist of Forms- DSA as of 02012020

PSHS-00-F-DSA-01-Ver02-Rev01 Activity Proposal Form

PSHS-00-F-DSA-02-Ver02-Rev0 Student Enrichment Application Form

PSHS-00-F-DSA-03-Ver02-Rev0 Student Representation Form

PSHS-00-F-DSA-04-Ver02-Rev0 Student Screening and Selection Form

PSHS-00-F-DSA-06-Ver02-Rev0 Activity Report Form

PSHS-00-F-DSA-07-Ver02-Rev Parent Consent Form

PSHS-00-F-DSA-08-Ver02-Rev Student Organization ALA Accreditation Checklist

PSHS-00-F-DSA-09-Ver02-Rev0 Student Organization ALA Reaccreditation Checklist

PSHS-00-F-DSA-10-Ver02-Rev0 Financial Report Form

PSHS-00-F-DSA-11-Ver02-Rev0 Scale Personal Information Sheet

PSHS-00-F-DSA-12-Ver02-Rev0 Scale Program Proposal Form

PSHS-00-F-DSA-13-Ver02-Rev0 Scale Individual Activity Plan

PSHS-00-F-DSA-14-Ver02-Rev0 SCale Individual Program report

PSHS-00-F-DSA-15-Ver02-Rev0 Scale Advisers Quarterly Report

PSHS-00-F-DSA-16-Ver02-Rev0 Scale Endorsement Quarterly Report

PSHS-00-F-DSA-17-Ver02-Rev0 SCALE Coordinators Quarterly Report

PSHS-00-F-DSA-19-Ver02-Rev0 SIP Host Agency Reply Form

PSHS-00-F-DSA-20-Ver02-Rev0 SIP Personal Data Sheet

PSHS-00-F-DSA-21-Ver02-Rev0 SIP Parent Consent & Waiver Form

PSHS-00-F-DSA-22-Ver02-Rev0 SIP Students Performance Evaluation Form


SSM Cover Page

SSM 1.0 Introduction and Authorization

SSM 2.0 Table of Contents

SSM 3.0 Campaign for NCE

SSM 3.2 Admission of Incoming Grade 7 and Lateral Entry Scholars

SSM 3.3 Year End Clearance

SSM 3.4 Enrolment of Grade 8-12

SSM 3.5 Transfer Program

SSM 3.6 Graduation of Students

SSM 3.7 Request for Records

SSM 4.1 Acquisition of Learning Resource Materials

SSM 4.2 Technical Processing of Learning Resource Materials

SSM 4.3 Use of Library

SSM 4.4 Inventory and Weeding of Library Resources

SSM 4.5 Maintenance of Library Resources

SSM 5.1 Evaluation of Students Application for Residence Hall Accommodation

SSM 5.2 Residence Hall Accommodation

SSM 6.0 Health Screening Protocols During Enrolment

SSM 6.2 Availment of Health Services

SSM 6.3 Handling of Emergency Cases

SSM 6.4 Student Health Information

SSM 6.5 Health Information Campaign

SSM 6.6 Dental Examination

SSM 6.7 Infectious Disease Monitoring

SSM 7.1 Student Profiling

SSM 7.2 Counseling

SSM 7.3 Testing Services

SSM 7.4 Career Development Process

SSM 8.1 Management of Food Service Concessionaires

SSM 9.0 Student Discipline Management

SSM Forms

Food Service

PSHS-00-F-SSD-01-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Food Service Monitoring Form .pdf

PSHS-00-F-SSD-02-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Food Service Evaluation Form.pdf


PSHS-00-F-GCU-01-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Intake Interview Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GCU-02-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Parent Questionnaire Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GCU-03-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Referral Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GCU-04-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Guidance Call Slip.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GCU-05-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Edited Guidance Admission Slip.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GCU-06-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Cumulative Records Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GCU-07-Ver02-Rev01-020120 Client Monitoring Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GCU-08-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Consent to Release Personal Information.pdf


PSHS-00-F-HSU-01-Ver02-Rev1 Health History and Personal Data Sheet for Gr. 7 and lateral.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HSU-02-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Physical Examination Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HSU-03-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Dental Health Record.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HSU-04-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Clinic Admission Slip.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HSU-05-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Medical Dental Consent.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HSU-06-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Infectious Monitoring Tools.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HSU-07-Ver02-Rev0 Physical Examination Form For Grade 8 to 12.docx.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HSU-08-Ver02-Rev0 Health History and Personal Data Sheet for old students.pdf


PSHS-00-F-LIB-01-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Library Resources Recommendation Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-LIB-02-Ver02-Rev1 Library Card.pdf

PSHS-00-F-LIB-03-Ver02-Rev1 Book Card.pdf

PSHS-00-F-LIB-04-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Weeding Form.pdf


PSHS-00-F-REG-01-Ver02-Rev0-020120 NCE Acknowledgement Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-REG-02-Ver02-Rev1 Grade 7 & Lateral Enrolment Checklist.pdf

PSHS-00-F-REG-03-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Student Information Sheet.pdf

PSHS-00-F-REG-04-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Certificate of Guardianship.pdf

PSHS-00-F-REG-05-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Year-End Clearance.pdf

PSHS-00-F-REG-06-Ver02-Rev1 Enrolment Checklist G8-12.pdf

PSHS-00-F-REG-07-Ver02-Rev1 Letter of Request for Intercampus Transfer.xlsx.pdf

PSHS-00-F-REG-08-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Action of Campus Origin.pdf

PSHS-00-F-REG-09-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Decision of Receiving Campus.pdf

PSHS-00-F-REG-10-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Scholarship Categorization Application Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-REG-11-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Scholarship Categorization Evaluation Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-REG-12-Ver02-Rev1 Student Record Request Form and Claim Slip.pdf

PSHS-00-F-REG-17-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Application for Lateral Admissions.pdf

PSHS-00-F-REG-18-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Scholar's Oath.pdf


PSHS-00-F-RHU-01-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Residence Application Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-RHU-02-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Residence Hall Contract.pdf

PSHS-00-F-RHU-03-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Parents Guardians (Instruction) Waiver.pdf

PSHS-00-F-RHU-04-Ver02-Rev0-020120 List of Appliances-Electrical Devices Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-RHU-05-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Good Housekeeping Checklist.pdf

PSHS-00-F-RHU-07-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Student Leave Pass & Return Slip.pdf


PSHS-00-F-SDO-01-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Anecdotal Report.pdf


FAM Cover Page

FAM 1.0 Introduction and Authorization

FAM 2.0 Table of Contents

FAM 3.0 Good Governance Conditions

FAM 4.1 Recruitment, Selection and Placement

FAM 4.2 Hiring of Level II-Managerial Position

FAM 4.3 Career Pathing

FAM 4.4 Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards

FAM 4.5 Strategic Performance Management System

FAM 4.6 Merit Promotion System

FAM 4.7 Training and Development

FAM 4.8 Employee Benefits and Welfare

FAM 4.9 Rewards and Recognitions

FAM 4.10 Employee Discipline

FAM 4.11 Handling of Grievances

FAM 4.12 Employee Health and Wellness Program

FAM 4.13 Employee Separation

FAM 4.14 Personnel Reportorial Requirements

FAM 4.15 Personnel Records or Files Management

FAM 4.16 Service Records Request and Releasing

FAM 4.17 Request for Records

FAM 5.1 Procurement Process

FAM 5.2 Requisition and Issuance of Inventory Items and PPE

FAM 5.3 Receipt, Insp, Acceptance and Recording - Inv. & PPE

FAM 5.4 Storage, Safekeeping and Inventory Taking

FAM 5.5 Disposal of Government Properties

FAM 5.6 Lost, Stolen, Damaged or Destroyed Property.

FAM 5.7 Evaluation of External Providers

FAM 6.1 Request for Services

FAM 6.2 Use of Vehicle, Facilities and Equipment

FAM 6.3 Janitorial Services

FAM 6.4 Preventive Maintenance

FAM 6.5 Corrective Maintenance

FAM 6.6 Security Services

FAM 7.1 Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

FAM 7.2 Handling of Insurance

FAM 7.3 Bond for Accountable Officials

FAM 7.4 Gender and Development

FAM 7.5 Senior Citizen and PWD Program

FAM 8.1 Budget Preparation Process

FAM 8.2 Budget Execution, Monitoring and Reporting

FAM 9.1 Disbursement Process

FAM 9.2 Payroll and Remittances

FAM 9.3 Cash Advance

FAM 9.4 Financial Reporting

FAM 9.5 Bank Reconciliation

FAM 10.1 Petty Cash Fund Management

FAM 10.2 Preparation and Release of Payments

FAM 10.3 Collection and Deposit

FAM 11.0 Consolidation and Submission of Financial Reports

FAM 12.1 Online Publication of Information Materials

FAM 12.2 Information Technology Management

FAM 12.3 Backup and Recovery of Digital Files

FAM 12.4 Device Lending Policy.pdf

FAM 13.1 Records Management.

FAM 13.2 Messengerial-Courier Services

FAM 14.0 Limited Practice of Profession

FAM 15.0 Incident Command System

FAM 16.0 Public Service Continuity Plan

FAM Forms


PSHS-00-F-GSM-01-Ver02-Rev0 Request for Services.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GSM-02-Ver02-Rev0 Activity Permit-Permit to Use School Facilities.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GSM-03-Ver02-Rev0 Permit to Use School Vehicle.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GSM-05-Ver02-Rev0 Cleaning Checklist.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GSM-06-Ver02-Rev0 PM Schedule.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GSM-07-Ver02-Rev0 Equipment History Card.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GSM-08-Ver02-Rev0 PM Checklist.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GSM-09-Ver02-Rev0 Work Request Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GSM-12-Ver02-Rev0 Janitorial Performance Evaluation Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GSM-13-Ver02-Rev0 Security Guard Work Performance Evaluation Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-GSM-14-Ver02-Rev0 Pre-repair Inspection report.pdf


PSHS-00-F-HRU-01 Background Investigation Verification form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HRU-04- Structured Interview.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HRU-05 Personnel Action Request Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HRU-10 Teaching Demonstration Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HRU-12 Orientation Checklist.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HRU-13 Training Workshop Activity Evaluation Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HRU-14 Training Effectiveness Form.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HRU-16 -Rev1Assignment Slip-Employee Gate pass (1).pdf

PSHS-00-F-HRU-22 Monthly Summary of Attendance.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HRU-23 Service Credit Form (1).pdf

PSHS-00-F-HRU-28 Clearance from Property.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HRU-30-Ver02-Rev0-020120 Permission to Engage in Limited Practice of Profession.pdf

PSHS-00-F-HRU-31 Rev1Speaker Topic Evaluation Form (1).pdf

PSHS-00-F-HRU-32 Teaching Overload Computation.pdf


PSHS-00-F-ITU-01 IT Job Request Form.pdf


PSHS-00-F-PRU-02-Ver02-Rev1 Abstract of Quotation.pdf


PSHS-00-F-PRU-06-Ver02-Rev01 RFQ & Notice Form-Goods.pdf

PSHS-00-F-PRU-07-Ver02-Rev0 RFQ & Notice-Projects.pdf


PSHS-00-F-RMU-01-Ver02-Rev1 Routing Slip.pdf

PSHS-00-F-RMU-02-Ver02 Records Requisition Slip.pdf

PSHS-00-F-RMU-03-Ver02-Rev0 Request for Inactive Records.pdf

PSHS-00-F-RMU-04-Ver02-Rev0 Request for messengerial services.pdf

PSHS-00-F-RMU-05-Ver02-Rev0 Transmittal Slip.pdf