Acceptance of application to the position of



Salary Grade 28



Agham Road, Diliman, Quezon City


1.       Filipino citizen, with good moral character; without pending administrative, civil or criminal case; with 2nd level Civil Service professional

2.       Minimum of MS degree in Science and Technology (PhD preferred but not mandatory)

3.       Five (5) years supervisory experience in institutions/organizations offering education/academic programs.

4.       120 hours of managerial trainings.


RA No. 8496 provides specific roles and functions of the ED, which are as follows:


1.       Coordinate curriculum planning activities for the PSHS System;

2.       Oversee research projects on the gifted in science and mathematics;

3.       Coordinate publication of research outputs of the teachers, administrators and students from the PSHS System;

4.       Provide legal and technical support to the members of the System;

5.       Coordinate exchange programs with other educational institutions both local and foreign;

6.       Develop and coordinate linkages and networking among the campuses of the PSHS System with other institutions;

7.       Coordinate the implementation of the program for the identification and selection of scholars for the PSHS System; and,

8.       Perform other functions as may be deemed necessary.


1.       Any individual who possesses the qualifications cited above may apply or be nominated. Nominations will be accepted from any individual or group, such as but not limited to the following:

a.       Professional organizations

b.      Heads of universities or colleges

c.       Faculty and staff of the PSHS System

d.      PSHS Alumni

2.       The following documents should be submitted:

a.       Application letter or duly signed nomination letter indicating the name of the nominee and justification for nomination (indicating also the position of the person nominating).

b.      Nomination letters should be accompanied by letter from the nominee expressing his/her commitment to serve, if chosen for the position.

c.       Six copies of curriculum vitae, including three (3) references (include one –page summary if curriculum vitae is long)

d.      A statement of plans for the PSHS, maximum of 2 pages

e.      Documentation to support data in curriculum vitae (e.g. photocopies of diplomas awards, publications, CESO certificate of conferment, trainings/seminars/workshops attended)

f.        Clearance certificates from present employer; NBI; and in addition, if currently employed with government agency, clearance certificates from Sandiganbayan, Ombudsman, and Civil Service Commission)


Submit sealed application to:      DR. CAROL M. YOYOBE

                                                                                                Chairperson, Search Committee

                                                                                                c/o Office of the Executive Director

Philippine Science High School System

Diliman, Quezon City


Deadline of submission of application: February 27, 2017




                                                                Approved for publication: DR. CAROL M. YOROBE

                                                                                                                    OIC-Executive Director, PSHS System

                                                                                                                    Undersecretary for S&T Services, DOST