The Philippine Science High School (PSHS) was established by the Republic Act (RA) 3661, also known as the PSHS Charter, which was signed into law in 1964 by President Diosdado Macapagal. This charter mandates the PSHS to a secondary course with emphasis on subjects pertaining to service offered on a free scholarship basis with the end in view of preparing its students for a science career.



The Philippine Science High School, operating under a unified structure of executive committees, provides scholarships to secondary students with high aptitude in science and mathematics.

The PSHS offers an education that is humanistic in spirit, global in perspective, and patriotic in orientation. It is based on a curriculum that emphasizes science and mathematics as well as the development of well-rounded individuals.

The PSHS prepares its students for careers in Science and Technology and contributes to nation building by helping the country attain a critical mass of professionals and leaders in different fields.


The Philippine Science High School Scholar, nurtured by competent faculty and staff, has a scientific mind and a passion for excellence, dedicated to the service of country, and committed to the pursuit of the untarnished truth.



The main purpose of the PSHS education is to develop the full potential and unique giftedness of its scholars. The PSHS special science curriculum instills a passion for learning in the scholars and inspires them to choose careers in science and technology in order to contribute to national development. The PSHS is most effective in a globally-competitive environment characterized by all-around performance excellence, a dynamic and collaborative leadership, outstanding facilities, resources and support alliances, and an unswerving commitment of service to the nation and to one another.